About us

AAMcEvoy began as a childrenswear brand and we have slowly been moving towards a unisex clothing brand for both kids and adults.
Designer and owner, Alison McEvoy went in search of baby clothing that was soft, stylish, practical and gender neutral.

And all she found were white or oatmeal frilly dungarees, all of impractical baton, tags and tabs. The idea for her own brand began. With a degree in fashion design and experience in manufacturing, a label was always the end goal.

AAMcEvoy is an answer to boring unisex and gender neutral clothing and accessories. Its contemporary design provides clean lines with Alison McEvoy’s own twist.

The clothing is both comfortable and practical for baby and parent as openings have been made with all those quick/emergency changes in mind!

Our accessories have been a big hit with people ordering one in every colour!

AAMcEvoy also uses organic cotton which is GOTS certified. This reduces your contact with nasty pesticides!
Our products are also made in Ireland which means we have full control of the quality of our clothing.
We hope you love it as much as we do!
Ali+Annie x


The AAMcEvoy Ethos

All of AAMcEvoy products are made in Ireland to ensure quality control but also to ensure our manufacturing process is as transparent as possible.

We are an ethical brand. Ethical in two ways, through our sourcing of  high quality organic certified cloths and through product manufacturing. We only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cloths. Certification covers all stages and processes- from field to cloth.

For example our cotton or any other GOTS certified cloth begin the process as GMO-free seeds. This means that they are not genetically modified. Cotton seed used in conventional cotton is Genetically Modified to produce a maximum yield and keep crop failure at a minimum. The fertilising process does not contain chemicals, pesticides and insecticides unlike conventional cotton and hazardous fertilisers are banned, making it safer for farmers.

The fertilising process in conventional cotton alone has ramifications on wildlife, insects, water and society living around these plantations. Simply breathing the air or drinking the water causes disease, infection and worse case, death. Waste water is treated at GOTS certified factories.

Did you know?

Growing organic cotton produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Why not use GOTS certified cloths and have it made in China?

You might think it’s the best of both worlds? But if you put this into context, think of the large ‘fast-fashion’ brands that have started using organic cloths. Think of the price. Instead of asking why is an organic ethically made brand so expensive, ask why is fast-fashion so cheap? They still produce those collections in the same controversial factories, using the same underpaid workers in the same appalling social and environmental conditions.

So if you don’t pay, who does?

Someone always has to pay the price. Unfortunately in ‘fast-fashion’ it is never the consumer and it is never the brand.

Having AAMcEvoy made in Ireland means that we can have full control over the production processing right here. We can visit and see how work is processing, talk to workers etc. If AAMcEvoy products were made in China we wouldn’t have control over how the cloth is handled, where and know who is working on the products.

Our main point about not using factories based abroad is that they can often sub-contract out the work if they are very busy. This is a move that you may never be told about. It also would mean that the terms agreed on with the factory wouldn’t be upheld when sub-contracting; meaning anyone, any age could be working on the products.

GOTS certified cloths are manufactured in factories that are regularly inspected, certified to strict ethical social criteria- no forced labour and no child labour. AAMcEvoy is totally against child labour and forced work.

So why choose organic? Whether is fruit, vegetables or indeed clothing, it’s better for the environment, less pollution, less poisonous run-off into the water supply, promoting biodiversity and doesn’t harm the surroundings.

Thanks for reading!

Have any questions? Get in touch! info@aamcevoy.com